What to Ask at a Dental Exam Visit

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A dental exam visit is an opportunity for the patient to check on the status of their oral health and detect any possible concerns as early as possible. To ensure that you get the most out of your next dental exam, this review goes over five questions to ask your dentist. 

Five questions to ask the dentist during your next dental exam

Patients can ensure that they get as much information as possible by asking about the general status of their oral health and how to care for their smile at home with good oral care and smart dietary choices. They may also come up with new questions to ask based on what the dentist discovers during the dental exam

Are there any concerns with my oral health?

The dentist should explain what they found during the dental exam, but they may not give every detail if they feel that a certain issue is not an immediate concern. Be sure to ask the dentist about what they found while examining the dental X-rays and during the oral examination and how each concern (if there are any) can be treated.

What should my daily oral care routine look like?

The general rule is patients should brush two or three times per day and floss daily as well. However, there may be specific instructions that the dentist has based on the patient's oral health. For example, they may recommend focusing on a certain area of a mouth. If there is gum irritation, then they may recommend brushing the gums more gently to prevent gum erosion or increased discomfort. 

How can I protect my teeth from nighttime grinding?

Nighttime teeth grinding (also called “bruxism”) is a common dental concern that can lead to serious issues if left untreated. Ask the dentist if there are any signs of bruxism. If so, then ask them what can be done to prevent teeth grinding. They may recommend wearing a night guard while sleeping.

What foods and drinks are the most harmful for my oral health?

It is also helpful to ask the dentist about foods and drinks that are harmful to oral health. Patients should discuss with the dentist what their diet looks like to receive specific feedback on ways to improve oral health through smart dietary choices. 

When should I schedule my next dental exam visit?

Last but not least, it is important to schedule the next dental exam. The dental staff will do this while the patient checks out, so they should be sure to choose a date that they know that they can make. It is important to mark the date and time down and make every effort to remain on schedule. 

Schedule your next dental exam visit today

We encourage our patients to visit us for a dental exam once every four to six months. This is a non-invasive process and only takes about half an hour. If it has been more than six months since your last dental exam, then reach out to us today to schedule a convenient time to visit.

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