Three Reasons to Consider Seeing a Sedation Dentist

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A sedation dentist can help you to get past dental anxiety if you automatically get nervous whenever the thought of going to a dentist creeps in your head. Dental anxiety affects millions of people in the U.S., leading to them avoiding getting dental care. They might come up with excuses to miss routine dental appointments or ignore existing dental issues that are already causing them discomfort.

It often takes an extremely painful dental problem to force people with dental anxiety to get the treatments they need. At that point, the pain being caused by the problem is more significant than their fear of dentists. A sedation dentist can help to make visits to the clinic a more pleasant experience by keeping patients relaxed and calm during treatments.

Ways a sedation dentist can help you to take control of your dental health

Dental phobias can be caused by a myriad of things like bad prior experiences at a clinic, a fear of feeling pain, or being embarrassed by the condition of your teeth. Some patients are intimidated by the tools and machines dentists use, while others are freaked out by the idea of being crowded by a dentist and their assistants as they work on their teeth.

A sedation dentist regularly works with patients with dental phobias, and they have various ways to make patients feel more comfortable during their treatments. Some of the reasons you should consider sedation dentistry include:

1. Helps to overcome a fear of dentists

Facing your fears head-on is an effective way to get past them, and dental sedatives can help build positive memories. For example, oral sedatives like valium can keep patients relaxed before leaving their homes.

For some people, dental anxiety starts before they even get to the clinic, so providing medication that relaxes them before their treatment reduces the odds of them missing an appointment due to their fears.

Other dental sedatives like nitrous oxide make getting dental treatments a fun experience. Commonly known as laughing gas, this fast-acting gas makes patients feel relaxed and happy while getting treatments. Just as the name implies, patients might even have outbursts of laughter when under the influence of nitrous oxide.

2. Gives you access to treatments you need

Dental problems typically get worse with time, so people who have a hard time mustering the confidence to visit a dentist often find themselves needing more complicated treatments to address oral issues that have been allowed to fester. Dental sedatives make being at the clinic more pleasant, which typically leads to patients being more willing to see a dentist.

3. Lower dental bills

Getting past dental anxiety with sedatives allows patients to address dental issues as soon as they are noticed. It also allows patients to get preventative treatments like teeth cleanings that can keep common dental issues like tooth decay and gum disease at bay.

Explore sedation dentistry

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