How Dentures Can Be a Smile Makeover

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Smile makeover treatment to replace missing teeth, then it may be worth considering dentures. Over the years, the advancements in technology and techniques have improved the appearance of dentures remarkably. They are an aesthetic solution for patients who have most or all their teeth and need to get a more youthful outlook. This article focuses on how dentures can work as part of a smile makeover treatment.

Dentures in a smile makeover procedure

Dentures offer both convenience and functionality. Over time, the patient will adjust to the dental prosthesis. The visual appearance and function are no different from having natural teeth. With the latest technology, it is even possible to complete the denture process in only a short period. The first step is to schedule a consultation with the dentist to discuss the most suitable option.

Dentures are provided with complete or partial tooth loss. The process of providing the restoration in a smile makeover treatment occurs in multiple stages. First, the dentist will adjust the oral cavity for the new prosthetics, if required. In some cases, this includes treating oral issues such as gum disease, repairing or removing existing teeth and making impressions. When the denture is completed, the dental professional will check how it aligns and comfort.

Full dentures  

Sometimes, a patient’s teeth may be severely damaged that even when repaired, they will not survive in the long run. In this case, the dentist may decide to remove all the damaged tooth. A complete set of dentures will be required to give the patient a new smile and restore oral health. The new restoration will resemble natural teeth closely and improve the patient’s appearance. The denture consists of a base and prosthetic teeth made from acrylic material. The denture rests on the gum after the application of denture cream to prevent it from slipping out of place.

Partial dentures

When only a few teeth are lost, partial dentures are an option to consider. The process of making the partial denture is not as complicated as full dentures because some teeth are present. The dentures will attach to the gum and remaining teeth. Like complete dentures, partial dentures look very much like natural teeth, making them an excellent choice for a smile makeover.

Caring for the dentures

Whether the patient gets full or partial dentures, the endgame is to have a smile to show off. To maintain oral health, it is important to practice good oral hygiene with the dentures. This includes regular cleaning and booking biannual appointments with the dentist for an evaluation. The dentist will be able to adjust the denture’s fitting and check for signs of issues that may require urgent treatment.

In conclusion

The dentist will decide the outlook of the dentures after evaluating the condition of the patient and listening to their preferences. When getting a smile makeover, individuals can achieve any look desired, thanks to the latest advances in modern dentistry. If you think you might benefit from getting full or partial dentures, talk to the dentist for advice.

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