Dental Restoration Procedures for an Injured Tooth

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A dental restorations procedure is often necessary after a tooth is injured, to prevent more severe concerns from developing and to ensure the long-term health of the tooth. This review discusses the most commonly recommended dental restoration procedures for an injured tooth by general dentists.

What are the most common dental restorations for an injured tooth?

The recommended dental restoration for an injured tooth depends on the severity of the damage, the type of damage, and the preference of the patient. The ultimate goal is to save the tooth and restore its health when possible, although there are dental restoration procedures available if the tooth cannot be saved.

Dental crown

A dental crown is one of the most common dental restorations used for an injured tooth. This restoration, which is also known as a “dental cap,” is placed over the injured tooth and covers the entire tooth on all sides. There are different types of crowns, including porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic, metal alloy, and gold. For front teeth, a tooth-colored crown (e.g., ceramic) is generally recommended.

Inlays and onlays

These are similar to dental crowns because they cover the damaged portion of the tooth and protect the injured tooth from further harm. However, they do not cover the entire tooth. An inlay repairs the grooves of a tooth, whereas an onlay covers the cusps (the outer edges) of the tooth.

Dental bonding

Dental bonding uses a composite resin material that is coated over an injured tooth to repair the appearance of the tooth and protect it from further harm. It is not used as often to repair severe damage, but dental bonding can be ideal for fixing minor cosmetic concerns caused by the tooth injury.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are similar to bonding but offer much more protection for the tooth. This dental restoration procedure involves applying a customized thin layer of porcelain over the front surface of highly visible teeth.

Dental filling

A dental filling is used for cavities. It is one of the most common direct dental restoration procedures and can restore the appearance and health of a tooth that is damaged by decay.

Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy may be necessary if a cavity is too large for a dental filling to properly treat. Root canal therapy is also used to treat oral infections and deep tooth decay.

Teeth replacement

If an injured tooth cannot be saved, there are teeth replacement procedures that can replace the tooth. This includes a fixed bridge, a partial denture, and a dental implant.

Find the right dental restoration procedure for your injured tooth

The longer that an injured tooth goes untreated, the more severe the issue is likely to become. We encourage you to give us a call as soon as possible if you suffered an injured tooth. A member of our friendly dental team can find a fast and convenient time for you to come in for a visit and discuss dental restoration options.

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