Ask a General Dentist About Tips for Dental Anxiety

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Every general dentist understands how debilitating anxiety can be to dental patients. Thinking about a dental appointment is enough to stop a person’s ability to do daily living activities. You may feel this way about an upcoming major dental procedure. If you want to know how to deal with dental anxiety, here are some tips from a general dentist.

Searching for clinics that provide correct care for dental phobics

Fear of the general dentist makes seeking dental care difficult and even impossible for those who have dental phobia. Calling several dental clinics can help the patient determine which of them can cater to dental phobics. The dentist in the chosen clinic can make the dental checks and treatments comfortable and relaxing for the patient. Telling the dentist how intense the patient’s anxiety is will help the dentist adjust the treatment plan.

Getting someone to be with the patient

The general dentist would advise the patient to have a companion during and after the dental appointment. This will help the patient calm down, knowing there is a familiar face in the treatment room until it is time to go home. Having someone who understands the patient’s condition will be helpful to the dentist. It prevents episodes from escalating until the checkup or treatment is over. This makes the entire dental appointment pleasant for everyone.

Performing breathing exercises

A general dentist would suggest performing deep breathing exercises. This can help calm and relax the patient before and during the dental appointment. The patient can do this by closing the eyes and inhaling through the nose. Holding the air in for three seconds and then releasing it through the mouth as slow as possible does wonders to the heart rate. This breathing technique can lower stress levels during dental checks and procedures.

Meditating and relaxing

The longer an anxious patient sits in the waiting room, the more intense the stress gets. The general dentist recommends meditating while waiting. This can calm the patient and reduce the level of stress. Meditation increases the patient’s focus, muscle relaxation, and awareness. This is achievable even in the dental clinic.

The patient can meditate while sitting. Focusing on an object or closing the eyes allows the body to relax. The general dentist also suggests not to look at the different parts of the body. This makes relaxing too much of a conscious effort. Meditating focuses and calms the patient before and during the appointment.

Giving in to distractions

The general dentist can also recommend focusing on the different distractions at the clinic. Some clinics have flat-screen TVs, handheld computer games, music, and fidget games. These can help entertain and distract patients before, during, and even after the dental appointment. The staff can even bring books or magazines for more visual or mental stimulation.

Your general dentist can help reduce or remove your dental anxiety

The fear of the dental chair is a common condition. Bad first encounters with the dentist often cause this. This only worsens as the patient gets older. It is a good thing your general dentist can help. Remembering the mentioned tips can help make your next dental appointment stress-free. This can help you get the dental care you need.

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