An Emergency Dentist Can Save Your Injured Tooth

Emergency Dentist Houston, TX

Toothaches happen to you out of nowhere, and you may be searching for an emergency dentist. None of us want to see the dentist. However, sometimes, it is unavoidable. You may be fine one day, and then, suddenly, you end up having a horrible toothache appear out of nowhere. 

Usually, toothaches happen at the most inconvenient times under the worst circumstances. A toothache or any dental pain needs treatment right away. 

If your dentist’s office is closed because it is after hours, a weekend, or maybe a holiday, don’t worry. There is always an emergency dentist available to help. 

Common dental emergencies

  • There are many reasons you may need to seek out treatment from a dentist right away. Patients everywhere have all types of symptoms that require seeing a dentist at the worst times. 
  • Swollen jaw or mouth. If you have swelling in your mouth, take precautions and find a dentist as soon as you are able. A swollen jaw could mean you have an underlying infection, swollen lymph node, or another type of serious issue. 
  • Exposed nerves. You may have broken a tooth and exposed a nerve. This could have happened while eating, and you are now in urgent need of a dentist. 
  • Knocked-out tooth. Any time you suffer trauma to your face that causes a tooth to get knocked out is a reason to need to see a dentist right away. 
  • Abscessed tooth. This is a very serious condition. An abscessed tooth could be a sign of a very serious medical condition. You need treatment right away to avoid the infection spreading into your bloodstream.
  • Broken crown. A broken crown caused maybe by eating, or any other reason would require making an appointment with a dentist. 
  • A dental emergency could happen anywhere at any time, and you want to be able to find an emergency dentist

Questions to ask

You may be away for the weekend on a well-deserved trip or in the middle of a very important workday and want to know if you should drop everything and run to the dentist. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you in severe pain?
  • Are you bleeding?
  • Do you think you have an abscess?
  • Did a tooth fall out?

The bottom line comes down to trusting your judgment. If you feel you need to seek treatment right away for a dental issue and you don’t think you should wait, then make an appointment. 

In summary

The best way to protect yourself from dental emergencies is to start a healthy oral hygiene routine. Taking care of your teeth gives you the peace of mind of knowing you are doing all you should be to keep your original teeth for as long as possible. 

You should seek out a dentist right away if you feel you are having a serious dental problem. Severe dental pain or infection can lead to a variety of issues if not treated within an appropriate amount of time. 

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